Easy crochet rosary chain necklace

March 05, 2020

Hi People! Here I am with my first post after 3 years 😊.

I should tell you a lot about the long absence from my blog, but not now; today I would like to show you my last creation: my crochet "rosary style" necklace .

crochet rosary chain necklace closeup

It's a very hard time for Italy due to the Coronavirus spread.
Feelings of concern pervade our lives, but life has to go on somehow.
Despite this bad situation, my mind have found inspiration to create some cool stuff after a long time. I hope this emergency all over the world will end soon.
But let's talk about happy things now and go back to the necklace topic.

This kind of "rosary style accessory" is very popular, and I wanted to create my own version.

crochet rosary chain necklace front

It's a very easy and impressive project, suitable for a crochet beginner! Indeed it's a crochet chain necklace, generally made with crystal beads.
There are many tutorials on YouTube explaining how to make it.
Take a look to this tutorial "Simple Beading Technique" by Yarn & Sage.

crochet rosary chain necklace start

You can free your creativity, play with many colors combinations and use beads of different shapes and sizes to embellish your crochet rosary chain necklace.

crochet rosary chain necklace crystal rondelle details

I chose the gray tone for my necklace, perfect for dark outfit.
I used 200 “silver mirror” faceted rondelle beads of two sizes (8mm and 6mm), crocheted on a silver metal effect thread. Their sparkling appearance is so cool and illuminate my black sweathers and shirts.
It's a 1,50 m long necklace, so that it's possible to wrap it around a neck up to three times.
I’m really happy about the result.

crochet rosary chain necklace side

I hope I have inspired you to create this beautiful and easy necklace for you or for your friends as a fashion gift ;) .

Have a lovely day!


My crochet rosary necklace was featured here :)

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    1. Thank you so much for your nice comment!

  2. How pretty!! Thanks so much for linking up with me at my #UnlimitedMonthlyLinkParty 10, open March 1 to 26. All entries shared on social media if share buttons installed. I’d like to invite you to my Themed Linkup 12 for Crock Pot and Instant Pot Recipes, open February 28 to March 10 if you have any appropriate posts. Won’t you join me at my Short Story Prompt Party for fun and creativity? Open March 2 to 9. Just start typing, see what you come up with! Remember, no story is too short! The prompt is: I woke from a long nap to see…

    1. Thank you for stopping by and for your invitation, Dee. Good to know :)

  3. This is so pretty. Thank you for joining us at Handmade Monday, we are always happy to see new blogs to read and ideas to try :-)
    The covid 19 virus thing is such a worry for everyone, with so much uncertainty and worry. I hope things are ok for you all in Italy and that you are coping with the restrictions.

    1. Thank you so much for visiting and for your encouragement! Meet you soon!

  4. Truly gorgeous, thanks so much for sharing on craft schooling Sunday, and great to "meet" you!

  5. Ma che bella! Ha una stpenda vestibilità, complimenti!

    1. Grazie Vale, sono ricomparsa dopo millenni sul blog 😂