About Lilah

October 28, 2016

Dear reader, welcome to my blog!

I would like to introduce myself: my name is Lilah (also known like Admiratem on the network). I was born and grown up in Sicily, a wonderful and folcloristic island in the South of Italy. Three years ago I moved to Munich, in Germany, due to my work, starting there another adventurous chapter of my life.

I have always loved photography, especially related to landscape scenarios that I'm used to capture when travelling. Not long time ago I felt in love with making handmade jewels and accessories by using different techniques. By now this is one of my biggest passions that frees my creativity and colors my life.

My love story with handmade
Few years ago, I began just for fun with jewellery making. Thanks to people sharing their nice tutorials and experiences on Internet, I had the possibility to learn the requested basis by myself, but this wonderful and fashinating crafting world discovered on the network encouraged me in going farther in exploring and learning, always more and more.

chenille knitted neckwarmer
Knitting first experiments: Chenille Neckwarmer

Due to my curiosity, my interests embraced several handmade techniques, like crocheting, tatting, knitting, recycling, and I also became a big fun of the DIY philosophy. It was like if I had discovered the existence of a marvellous world, where you can free your mind, let your fantasy emerge from the daily routines, open your eyes to lots of possibilities.

circle crochet earrings
My first crochet earrings

Having to do with handmade, either making things by yourself or simply finding ispiration by reading on internet, always fills my heart with a big joy and makes me feel better. I thank God for this discovery. It was like a gift: creativity is a cure for your soul!

tatting pendant earrings
My first two pairs of tatting earrings

Why this blog
Because I'm a really busy person and my daily life doesn't have that much to do with handmade, I recognise that it's not easy for me to find the time to sit and learn new techniques, think about a project, design and create it. But, despite I am slow because of lack of time, I want to try as much as possibile to realize my ideas.

This blog would be then a stimulus for me to be active and share my handmade experiences, a way giving me a voice on the network to meet new friends, a place where I can also publish my best photos and write about my travels. Oh, those are definetly other things I love to do.
Finally I really hope that to jump through and read my posts can be for you a pleasant experience and a good time investment.

A note about my english
My mother language is italian and I normally speak in english only during working time. Please, forgive my mistakes if you can, I know that probably you will find some errors. The intent of my blog is sharing my passions with almost everyone, going beyond the language barriers! At least, you find here a good content, ispiration, something making you smile: this is at the end my hope.
If you wish to help me or giving feedbacks about mistakes, you're welcome! Please just contact me!

And, finally, if you want to write me something, ask a question, or simply know me better, I will be happy to answer you: just use the contact form in the contact page!

With that said, happy reading!!!


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