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October 28, 2016

Dear readers, welcome to my blog!

My name is Lilah and I’m from Sicily, a wonderful island in the South of Italy.
I moved in several cities in the last few years due to my work and now I’m living in Genoa (North of Italy) after a great experience in Germany.

In this blog I want to share with you my passion for making handmade jewels and accessories.

My handmade experience
Some years ago I began just for fun with jewellery making.
Thanks to people sharing their nice tutorials and experiences on the Internet, I had the possibility to learn the basis by myself.
Day by day this wonderful and fascinating crafting world, captured me and I felt encouraged in exploring and learning more and more.

chenille knitted neckwarmer
Knitting first experiments: Chenille Neckwarmer

Due to my curiosity, my interests embraced several handmade techniques, like crocheting, tatting, knitting, recycling, and I became a big fun of the DIY philosophy: I discovered the existence of a marvellous world, where you let your fantasy emerge from the daily routines, open your eyes to lots of possibilities.

circle crochet earrings
My first crochet earrings

Having to do with handmade, either making things by yourself or simply finding inspiration by reading on the Internet, makes me feel better. Creativity is definitely a cure for our soul :) !

tatting pendant earrings
My first two pairs of tatting earrings

This blog
This blog was born at the end of 2016 for sharing with you my hobbies and it is not monetized: I write posts just for fun and to make new friends.

In addition to my handmade adventures, you can also read about my favorite trips here. Indeed I like talking about travels and discover the world: our earth is a great miracle!
Working on this blog is also a way to express my visual art: I have always loved photography and graphics, thus I enjoy enriching this space with my best pictures.
Check also my Instagram profile.

Neither handmade nor blogging are my main activities so that it’s difficult and sometimes impossible to write articles periodically; however, I do not give up and I’m still here 😊 to give space to my creativity and to meet you!

NOTE: I wanted to create an English blog at the beginning (please, forgive my mistakes!), but sometimes I will write my posts in italian because of lack of time.
I have installed the Google Translate at the top of each page for you.

I really hope you'll find inspiration and something making you smile in my blog.

If you want to write me, just use the contact form in the contact page!

Happy reading!!!


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  1. Do you have a free pattern for the crocheted popcorn necklace? It is very pretty.
    Please email me the answer. Thanks

    1. Hi Helen, I couldn't reach you by email. You will find the pattern at the end of my post:

      Thank you for visiting!