November 21, 2016

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I took that weekend trip with my husband and my parents, who visited us in Munich.

We left the city on a saturday morning. Our intention was to explore the main towns in the eastern shoreline of Lake Constance. We didn’t know anything but our hotel location. No specific destination points were in mind because there had been no time to organize an itinerary, and we agreed to do everything spontaneously and in a very relaxing manner.

Me on leaves meadow in Friedrichshafen

The freeway from Munich brought us to the middle-eastern coast of the lake; soon after, we decided to proceed towards north direction.

Crossing those local roads was so enchanting as we encountered little typical countryside villages and colored fields of trees, with lots of apples, too.

Then, we reached our first stop, Friedrichshafen, just in time for lunch ☺.

After having eaten our own stuff, we started walking along the nice seafront, as lots of persons there, who were enjoying the sunny weather.

At the beginning of the promenade, we found the Zeppelin museum and I learnt that Friedrichshafen is well-known for the dirigible factory founded by Ferdinand Von Zeppelin at the end of the 19th century. Unfortunately, it was too late for a visit at that museum and we decided to continue our seafront walk.

Farther, we encountered lots of shops inviting people to buy clothing and especially shoes. Lots of shoes!! Oh gosh . . that was the perfect place for a saturday afternoon dedicated to shopping . . . But daylight didn’t wait for us, therefore I and my mother had a fast look at some shops articles, and then we all four kept on walking; we sometimes stopped to admire the beautiful panorama on the lake, which looked infinite like the see. Indeed it is really big and it was not exactly a clear day.

There was a so lively atmosphere. . . We found a zone with lots of characteristic bars and restaurants which had set their chairs and tables in an exquisite manner, beside the lake.

Near that area, an interesting construction, resembling an high iron tower, was built at the end of a pier, over the lake. It was possible to reach its top part, an excellent viewpoint, especially to admire the beautiful friedrichshafen from the sky.

Friedrichshafen from the viewpoint tower

Proceeding ahead, the promenade next to the lake became larger, and neat gardens, adorned with sculpted plants, embellished one side of that boulevard, as well as meadows of yellow leaves. Some benches were nearby, and we caught the opportunity for relaxing in front of the lakescape a little bit.
Later afternoon warm light gilded everything around.
A great sense of peace filled me while contemplating the quiet and slow movement of the water.

But... It was time to go and we had to reach our hotel in Bermatingen.

Oh.. I'd have liked to stay longer in Friedrichshafen: the town really deserved a deeper tour. Moreover, an attractive night was coming: we could see around several poster advertising, which sponsored lots of cultural events, like theater shows. Some of them seemed to be really interesting.

Maybe, when I come back to visit Friedrichshafen again, I will surely organize a cultural morning tour, which includes the monuments I missed and the zeppelin museum. Following, a good lunch in front of the lake, and then a nice shopping afternoon and/or a evening show. Isn’t it a super plan?

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  1. What you don't expect to find: shoes shops and a lively atmosphere!
    Really😮 wow!
    I'm glad that you had your moment of desired peace.
    That was so unfortunate about the museum!
    Yes, it's definitely a super plain! I like it.

    1. Yes, so many shoes stores, all in the same area. You should join me for my next visit to Lake Constance. So sad that we are so distant.

    2. 😔 è vero. Sarebbe bellissimo e poi passerei il tempo a mangiare carni varie.